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Our Lady Queen of the Martyrs Pray for us

Our Lady Queen of the Martyrs Pray for us

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stephen Raymond Bou Pascual

Roman Martyrology: In the area of La Nucia near Alicante in Spain ever, blessed Stephen Raymond Bou Pascual, priest and martyr, who, during the same persecution as a faithful disciple, merited salvation in the blood of Christ.

He was Beatified on March 11, 2001 by Pope John Paul II, as one of 233 Blessed Spanish Martyrs of Valencia, victims of the Spanish Civil War

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  1. Hi Stephen
    Welcome back! Every year on the Sunday nearest to 27th August, the Feast Day of St David Lewis, there is a pilgrimage in his honour. It begins with Holy Mass in the church near where he was martyred. Then there is a procession to his grave where a short service is held. Then it is all back to the Parish Hall for a cup of tea. That is about it regarding pilgrimages for our saint. I suppose it is a bit of "A prophet in his own country, etc", but we are trying very hard to spread devotion to St David Lewis. Last year we held a day in his honour at Llantarnam Abbey where he used to say Mass and near where he was arrested. This year is the 330th anniversary of his martyrdom and also of three other martyrs of our archdiocese. The four, St Philip Evans, St John Lloyd, St John Kemble & St David Lewis all died during the Popish Plot and all within just over a month. So we are holding a day in honour of the four on Saturday, 14th November. It will again take place at Llantranam Abbey. Now about the post of which you inquired. If you go into my posts for October, you will find it on 25th October and it is entitled 'St John Kemble'. Two others that you might find interesting and informative are the ones for 12th and 18th October, 'The Hymn in Honour of St David Lewis' and 'A Must Visit'. Phew! This is a long comment. I hope you find it helpful. God bless you.
    (I originally posted this where yo asked me the question, but I thought I'd post it here too - just in case.)