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Our Lady Queen of the Martyrs Pray for us

Our Lady Queen of the Martyrs Pray for us

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LINEN ON THE HEDGEROW: A cry for peace from a 3 year old, and then he is ...

LINEN ON THE HEDGEROW: A cry for peace from a 3 year old, and then he is ...: "3 year old Adam, shot through the mouth This is 3 year old Adam who was brutally martyred by Islamic fundamentalists on 31 October in Bagh..."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blessed Jose Villanova: Priest and Martyr

Blessed José Villanova was born in Turís Tormo (Valencia) January 20, 1902 and was baptized two days later. He took his vows in Carabanchel Alto (Madrid) on 25 July 1920, and in 1929 was ordained a priest and spent teaching. He had a long but fruitful apostolate is not, is that in Salamanca in Madrid.
In the early months of the revolution he lived in hiding in Madrid, so he could continue to exercise his apostolate. He was discovered September 29, 1936, arrested and shot.

He was Beatified October 28, 2007 as one of the Blessed Spanish Salesians, Martyrs of Madrid and Seville.

The new blessed Salesians, the former provinces of Madrid and Seville, were grouped under a single title: “Enrique Saiz and 62 companion martyrs.” Of them 22 were priests, 18 coadjutor Salesians, 16 students, 3 candidates, 3 and 1 co-operated. None had been involved in political or ideological struggles. Salesians practiced only the politics of the Our Father. They died only because they were religious. Today, they are presented as an example of courage and steadfastness in the faith. All died forgiving their persecutors, as did Christ on the cross. The Church honors their memory and presents them as a model of fidelity and consistency.

Source: Santi e Beati


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loyal to the Magisterium

Hi everyone, Christmas is just around the corner this year and Advent is beginning soon, how wonderful, nature is closing down and winter is just getting dressed and ready to show itself. I just wanted to drop in and say that I've been busy this past couple of weeks and months. I have also been lazy in blogging. I'm praying that will leave me soon. If my laziness was not bad enough as it is I've also started another blog on I've decided to do my best this winter in between my study to give both blogs my greatest attention.

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Pax Christi
Stephen Mc Eligott

Jacob Fernandez

"2006/11/26, Jacob Fernandez, a lay Catholic, who worked in a Religious Bookshop at the Shrine of Mount St Thomas in Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu was murdered. He was attacked and killed for no reason in front of a crowd of terrified eyewitnesses present in the bookshop. Reportedly the assailant, in a state of violent excitement, demanded to see the parish priest and loudly claimed the Shrine area as Hindu property. The police said the suspect arrested was “mentally instable”, but local Catholics know the man as a fanatical extremist in contact with anti-social groups. Mr Fernandez was known as a devout Catholic who attended daily Mass at the Shrine and lived his life as a mission."