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Our Lady Queen of the Martyrs Pray for us

Our Lady Queen of the Martyrs Pray for us

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loyal to the Magisterium

Hi everyone, Christmas is just around the corner this year and Advent is beginning soon, how wonderful, nature is closing down and winter is just getting dressed and ready to show itself. I just wanted to drop in and say that I've been busy this past couple of weeks and months. I have also been lazy in blogging. I'm praying that will leave me soon. If my laziness was not bad enough as it is I've also started another blog on I've decided to do my best this winter in between my study to give both blogs my greatest attention.

I would appreaciate it if you could visit my other blog ( which is in its early stages ) and give it a look. If your interested, subscribe to that also.

The address is

God bless and remember, if you have any martyrs you dont see on this blog page, please do not hesitate to send them to me and I will put these blessed martyrs up straight away.

Pax Christi
Stephen Mc Eligott

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